In interpersonal relationships, in order to maintain a relationship with a beloved one, many people will force themselves to do something they do not want to do, and this relationship is called "emotional blackmail."


Emotional blackmail exists in a variety of relationships, and Caritas Rescue Love Tutoring Club targets the emotional blackmail relationship between couples. According to the research results of the first semester, about half of the respondents did not clearly understand emotional blackmail. Couples often find that there is a problem with each other, but cannot point out the problem and seek a suitable solution. In order to allow couples to recognize emotional blackmail, and learn to find ways to face problems.


Through popular songs and short films, using Cantonese songs familiar to Hong Kong people, there are sentences containing emotional blackmail in the lyrics. By finding these lyrics, let the audience raise interest to understand the principle of emotional blackmail. If they cannot solve the problem alone, Caritas Rescue Tutoring Society also provides information to guide couples to Caritas family services and seek emotional counseling.

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